Inspiration Florence Arpeggio is a blend of Arabica from Latin America, among whose origins we find Guatemala, Brazil and Costa Rica, the latter with a naturally malty aroma. All the other coffees present in the blend are also of the Arabica variety, for a taste of simply magnetic purity.


The dark roasting allows the beans to develop the characteristic notes of the Arabica varieties present in Inspiration Firenze Arpeggio. Despite being a blend, every origin present in the cup manages to emerge. The aroma of Costa Rican coffee, naturally characterized by malty notes, after roasting, reveals notes of cocoa that give this espresso a touch of solemnity.
Florence inspiration Arpeggio is a dense and creamy coffee, with intense roasted and cocoa notes. The creaminess gives a simply irresistible velvety texture, comparable to a masterpiece of Renaissance art.

NESPRESSO Italian inspiration Florence inspiration (Arpeggio)

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